Users and roles

Migrate to WordPress

Import all users to your new WordPress site. Name, email, bio, home page,… are imported. Depending on your current CMS (e.g. Drupal 6 but not Drupal 7) you can even keep the same password. Otherwise, you just need to tell your users to ask for a new password the first time they log in.

If you are requesting a Drupal migration, depending on the permissions the user had in Drupal, one of the predefined WordPress roles will be assigned to him/her. WordPress offers a limited set of information fields per user (in contrast with the rich user profiles you can have in Drupal) so your Drupal fields will be mapped to the predefined ones when possible. Additional Drupal fields will be migrated as user metadata (wordpress table usermeta) if desired.

Depending on your specific needs, the additional feature of migrating users to a BuddyPress installation could be suggested to complement the user migration.

Remember also, in case your current site uses Drupal CMS, that WordPress uses gravatars as profile pictures so user pictures from Drupal are not migrated over (if that´s a must for you we can discuss about possible WordPress plug-ins that could simulate this functionality as a complementary migration feature).

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