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Migrate to WordPress

The title, content, excerpt, publishing date, draft status,… of each page is copied to a new WordPress page.

In case your current site is in Drupal, you may choose whether you want to transform Drupal stories to WordPress pages or to WordPress posts. This will be discussed with you during the first stages of the migration.

This feature only includes the core data of each page (e.g. for Drupal 6 the data stored in the node and node_revisions tables). For sites using custom content fields please check this additional migration feature. Content is moved over exactly as it is stored in the corresponding table in the original CMS.

Webforms, views, scripts, shortcodes, php excerpts, etc in pages are translated as such, i.e. the corresponding posts in WordPress will contain exactly the same code. If you need a different behavior here, we are able to process any of these fields and transform them in order to be transferred to WordPress.

The new WordPress page will have the same HTML content as your corresponding current site, but obviously the visualization of that content in WordPress may differ (depending on your WP theme, the CSS you use, …).

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