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Most likely, it won’t be possible to guarantee that your new WordPress site keeps exactly the same page/posts URLs of your current site. WordPress offers limited possibilities to create the URL pattern for your site posts and this pattern will be applied to all of them without exception (for example, in Drupal, each post is assigned a full individual URL address so it’s easy to change the URL pattern depending on the type of post; instead in WordPress each post only stores a URL-friendly version of the post name, the full URL is created by WordPress adding the post name to the permalink structure common to the whole site).

To avoid damaging drastically the SEO of your site and losing all visitors trying to access your site using the old URLs, you should redirect all page/posts URLs of your existing site to the corresponding URLs in the new one. Our migration services take care of this task.

The solution we propose assumes that the domain name of your new WordPress site will be the exactly the same as the one used by your current site. In this case, we will use the Redirection plug-in to write the “301” redirection rules to redirect users trying to access the site using the old URLs to the new corresponding WordPress ones. The WP URLs must use /%postname%/ as permalink structure (or at least one of the standard permalink structures offered by WordPress) for the redirections to work adequately.

If that’s not the case (i.e. WP will use a different domain name or folder) it’s still possible to write the redirections (now modifying the .htaccess file of your Apache server or the web.config one if you use IIS). Contact us if this is your situation and we will evaluate the situation and if we deem it possible, provide a separate quote for this scenario.

A word of caution: redirections may not work with URLs using non-latin basic characters or other characters not recognized as valid by WordPress in its URLs. If that may be your case, let us do some tests with the kind of URLs employed in your site to make sure that we will be able to make redirections work for you (depending on the results of the test you may recommend to go for .htaccess redirection strategy instead). Also, in case of Drupal, titles should not contain duplicates.

Though usually not so important, you may want to redirect as well the links to categories/tags (so that people using your current site category/tag URL are redirected to the corresponding category/tag URL in WordPress). If that’s the case let us know and we will study your case.

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