Migrate to WordPress

The title, content, excerpt, publishing date, draft status, … of each post is copied to an equivalent WordPress post. Posts are linked to the corresponding migrated comments and categories/tags, if any.

The basic migration only includes the core data of each post (e.g. for Drupal 6 the data stored in the node and node_revisions tables). For sites using custom content fields please check this additional migration feature. Content is moved over exactly as it is stored in the corresponding table in the original CMS.

Webforms, views, scripts, shortcodes, php excerpts, etc in posts are translated as such, i.e. the corresponding posts in WordPress will contain exactly the same code. Adapting that code to work with the WordPress system is not part of this basic feature.

The new WordPress post will have the same HTML content as your corresponding site but obviously the visualization of that content in WordPress may differ (depending on your WP theme, the CSS you use,…).

If you need to migrate custom fields or any other complex characteristic to WordPress, please let us know and we will process them during the migration. You won’t left anything behind.

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