No internal broken links

Migrate to WordPress

All internal links (i.e. links to a relative path inside your server) to images, videos and other media files could become broken during the migration if you stick to the standard WordPress folder structure (different from your current site).

By default, WordPress assumes that media files are in the “wp-content/uploads” folder. Therefore, we update the internal references to all media files to this folder. Move the files there and they will come back to life immediately.

During a basic migration we update the HTML links (i.e. <img> tags) in the body of the posts/pages but it does not upload the referenced images in the WordPress Media Library nor adds the images as featured images for the posts. Contact us if you are interested in any of these features. We are able to move the files ourselves and establish featured images, if required.

If your current CMS configuration stores media files in a non-standard location and/or they are referenced using absolute paths let us know. And, for sure, you may also decide to keep your current media folders (e.g. to avoid moving the files around). In that case the URLs to those files will not be modified during the migration. Alert us before starting the migration if you prefer this option.

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