I am a NGO /Non-Profit. Do I get a discount?

Migrate to WordPress

YES! MigratetoWP.com is happy to make its (small) contribution to make the world a better place (check the list of NGO/NPOs we have helped so far).

We offer huge discounts in all our migration packages. Check with us if you qualify*.

In exchange, we ask to be able to announce our probono collaboration (in this website, in our Nelio Software twitter account, …) and that you do the same. Some examples would be a mention or link in your site, a blog post announcing the move to WP and mentioning that we helped you in the process and/or publicity through your social sites (twitter, facebook,…). You don´t need to do all these things (though that would be absolutely great!) but at least some of them.

*We reserve the right to freely decide which NGO/non-profit can benefit from our probono work. Third parties can be involved in the discussions but it is mandatory that the agreement to these conditions comes from the organization itself. Proof of the organization legal status could be requested.

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