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  • I had the pleasure to work with MigrateToWP on migrating my website from Yola to Wordpress. The whole ordeal is tough because Yola doesn't offer the option to export the website by any means, and my website is an educational database featuring over 500 articles with images and bulletpoints. Despite that, they were able to migrate my website fully and help me set it up with the theme and host of my choice. I even decided in the end to switch themes and they were completely fine changing it for me! Quick to reply to my e-mails and answer my questions, they made the whole experience pleasurable. Thank you very much Vince and the team at MigrateToWP and salernodev for helping me migrate my website, they did an excellent job!

  • Bravi! Simply the professionals you'd ask for: efficient, punctual and experienced. The migration of our website (Drupal to Wordpress) was not easy and involved additional analysis that has been performed brilliantly along the assigned job.

    Riccardo Monaco Forte Yang
  • What a seamless, awesome migration experience ( I expected the migration to be a hellish process but it was actually quite easy. These guys were thoughtful, rapid, perfectionistic, and effective.

    Aaron Schildkrout
  • "We can’t recommend Migrate to WP strongly enough". Read the full testimoial they wrote as part of the announcement of the new release of their site here.

    Russ Mead Animal Law Coalition
  • We had a news website ( with some custom programming and a lot of articles, pictures and videos, that we wanted to migrate. We tried to find a solution at first, but ended up using MigrateToWP. And we are very glad we did. The experience was hassle-free and everything worked like a charm.

    Mads Kæmsgaard Eberholst
  • Working with is an absolute pleasure – quick turnaround, fair price and quality work (Xcite Media Group). On two different occasions, they migrated Drupal databases to WordPress. This saved me a ton of time. I both highly recommend this service and will continue to use for all database migrations from almost anything to WordPress.

    Derek Xcite Media Group
  • I was (LucentPDX) completely stuck on a project, with a deadline looming. MigrateToWP quickly stepped in and migrated all the old content. The client was ecstatic to retain their old content, and the hours it saved me were well worth the price. I’ll definitely use MigrateToWP any time I need migration help!

    Wess Willis LucentPDX
  • Thank you for doing such a good job, everything works like a charm now! (WP-Spezialist).

    Nicoletta Arps WP-Spezialist
  • Can highly recommend migration service if you need to move some data between Drupal and Wordpress – excellent service (LunaMedia).

    Luke Burford LunaMedia
  • My Joomla based site had been hacked, and as it was based one of the earliest versions, was not easy to migrate from to an updated version of Joomla. I was also getting to a renewal date on my host provider, and decided to consolidate my site on another host and migrate to WordPress from Joomla. I was impressed’s speed of response, turnaround time, low cost and ease of migration instructions that got me set up easily and quickly on my new blogging platform.

    Steve Bolton Retail Pragmatist
  • I was a little apprehensive about trying to move because I had a lot of questions and was not as skilled at WordPress as I am with Drupal. I thought it was a complex enough issue that I wouldn’t be able to afford help from an expert. The price is great and they were very fast. I think the whole thing was done in about two days including all my questions. Very pleased (

    Jason Bunnell
  • Our 300+ user migration from Drupal 6 to WordPress 3.x required several dozen custom user profile fields be brought over. No easy task. We also needed to make sure that encrypted passwords were brought over as asking the non-technical user base to change passwords would have been a difficult process. MigrateToWP stuck with us as we worked through the sticking points and I’m happy to say the client and site membership were very happy! (Smorgasboard Studios).

    Craig Nelson Smorgasbord Studios
  • We recently helped Jorgen ( to move three blogs from Drupal to WordPress. He gives his thoughts on the reasons for the change (and his firts impressions after going wordpress) and recommends our services in this post.

    Jorgen Sundberg
  • Our developer abandoned us with a Drupal site 90% done and weeks of data entry work sitting there wasted. I couldn’t find anyone else to fix the site. After initially giving up on the project I ended up at Thank goodness. The whole thing was easily transferred in a day. Simple and easy. Thanks!

  • Very good service! I like (Jamedo Websites) the personal approach of the team. They have done exactly what the promised for a reasonable price. Do not spend your time doing the migration yourself, but use this service.

    Bass Jobsen Jamedo Websites
  • When we decided to migrate our site (Redacción Rosario) from Drupal to WordPress, we were afraid of losing 4 years of work. But staff did a great, tidy and fast job. Congrats and thanxs!

    Ivan Kozenitzky Redacción Rosario
  • Excellent service. Fast communication, quality results, great value. Would recommend and will use again if I need to transfer a site from Drupal (Pragmatic Web Limited). Thanks!

    David Lockie Pragmatic Web Limited
  • An impossible mission: migrate a complex Drupal 7 site, with views, cck, community, and many other advanced CMS features, to WordPress 3. Thanks to the support of Migrate to WP, now our new WordPress site is fast and secure. We have migrated over 6.000 articles, over 6.000 comments, over 600 users and, after only one month, not only we have not missed visits, but we have reached an increase of traffic (on Alexa and on Google Analytics) of 30%! You can view the results here:

    Nicola Gianmarco Ponsillo
  • Very satisfied… Professional, prompt, and precise… help us with a difficult migratation from Drupal to WordPress, and every step of the migration was well documented and accurate. All our users, authors, posts, and images were extracted and imported with precision. I would highly recommend their Drupal to WordPress migration service to anyone anyday.

  • I really appreciate your help. It takes a lot of trust in someone that you have never met and who is in another country to work on this kind of stuff. I am happy that I made that leap of faith. I also appreciate your patience as this was a bit new to me.

    Jason W.
  • I needed some expertise in a large Drupal to WordPress migration ( Migratetowp was able to assist very quickly in resolving the issues I had, and assist in the completion of the site transition.” Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time.

    Ben May
  • We were on a tight schedule (and budget) for porting an older, large Drupal site into WordPress, and were finding no luck on oDesk. Migratetowp found us, and was exactly what we were looking for a no BS service that worked. He came through as promised and will have our business from here on out. Highly recommended.

    Rich Staats Secret Stache Media
  • Thanks so much! You did an awesome job. If you ever need a recommendation from a prospective client, send them my way! You were prompt and efficient with your service.

  • You are an absolute STAR! I promise i’ll send you some more business


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