Point-to-point assisted migrations to WordPress

Our migration process is quite straightforward, but it does require familiarity with the export / import of SQL data and media files and some WordPress knowledge to fully understand the results of our migration process and get the most out of your new WordPress site.
Therefore, for non-technical users we also offer a point-to-point migration service. Depending on your needs, this assisted migration may include:

  • Getting your data out of your current CMS: e.g. Drupal, Joomla, Silverstripe, Sitefinity, etc;
  • Importing the migrated data to your WordPress site;
  • Moving all media files from your current CMS to your WordPress wp-content/uploads folder;
  • Configuring your new WordPress site with the plug-ins required to visualize the migrated data and get a fully functional site depending on the migration features you requested (e.g. for the SEO-friendly option it is required to install the redirections plug-in);
  • Advising you on other WordPress aspects to get you started with WordPress itself.

Just tell us what you need when requesting your quote!

migratetowpPoint-to-point assisted migrations to WordPress