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Business Headquarters

Viale Andrea de Luca 22/F, 84131 Salerno, ITALY
Phone: (+39) 089 231077

Companies Registry Details

salernodev is a trademark of GMV TECH SRLS
Viale Andrea de Luca 22/F, 84131 Salerno, ITALY
VAT Number: IT05298540658

1.- Conditions of Use

The access and use of this website is subject to the T&C contained herein (including Cookies & Privacy). We strongly recommend their careful reading.

We reserve the right to (i) suspend, interrupt or deny access or use of this website, partially or completely; (ii) amend the offered products and services or their terms and conditions (iii) amend the terms and conditions for access and use of this website, its configuration or technical specifications and (iii) delete, change, amend or update any information contained or referred to herein, all the above at our discretion at any time and without notice. The information contained on this website is available only for informational purposes and we are not making any representation or warranty in relation thereto unless expressly stated in writing.

We have no control over third party’s websites to which hyperlinks or links included in this website may lead to. Access to them using this website does not imply any recommendation by us nor triggers any liability for us.

2.- Intellectual Property Rights

All rights to the software of this website and of the industrial and intellectual property rights associated with its contents are the property of salernodev or of third parties.

The information contained on this website, regardless of its format, is protected by industrial and intellectual property rights belonging to salernodev. or third parties. No rights in favour of third parties in relation to this industrial and intellectual property rights shall be deemed granted, unless expressly granted in this website or by other means in writing.

Therefore, the reproduction, transformation, distribution, communication, public dissemination and, in general, any form of development of all or part of the contents of this website are strictly prohibited, unless with the express and written authorisation of us.

3.- Liability

We, our directors, employees, agents and representatives shall not be liable for (i) any statements, errors or omissions contained in this website or in other websites or information to which are accessed by using this one, (ii) any direct or indirect, consequential, punitive or other damages arising from the access or use of this website or any actions or omission resulting from information made available herein; (iii) any contents or the state of third parties websites to which this website leads to through hyperlinks, links or otherwise; (iv) any harmful computer elements that could damage or alter the computer system or user files of users of this website or third parties; and (v) the continuity of access or not to this website.

You shall be held liable for losses and damages of any kind said use may cause to us in breach of laws or of the terms and conditions of use of this website. You expressly accept so by using this website.

4.- Applicable law and jurisdiction

Under any and all circumstances, the access and use of this website and their terms and conditions shall be governed by Italian Law (without application of conflict of law rules). Any dispute or controversy related thereto shall be submitted to the courts of the city of Salerno. By using this website, the users expressly accept said applicable law and jurisdiction.

If there are any questions regarding this Legal Information, please contact us.

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