How it Works

Migrate to WordPress

A migration is a 3-phase process.

Phase 1 — Warm-up

You tell us what you need and send us information of your current site

We analyze your site and give you back a detailed report

Together, we agree on the migration roadmap

First phase of a migration
Second phase of a migration

Phase 2 — Trial

We prepare a test migration for you to validate

You validate the results. If needed, rinse and repeat

Together, we finalize the details for the full migration

Phase 3 — Finalization

You happily proceed with the payment

We complete the migration

Together, we verify everything works smoothly and close the migration

We will be happy if you write a great testimonial about your experience with our service!

Third phase of a migration

Migrate Now to WordPress

Please take the time to read the full description of the terms and conditions of the service available here.

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