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Pages, Posts, Tags, Categories, Stories…

Your new WordPress site starts here!

The title, content, excerpt, publishing date, draft status, … of your pages and posts can be migrated to their counterparts in WordPress. In case your current site is in Drupal, you may choose whether you want to transform Drupal stories to WordPress pages or to WordPress posts.

Webforms, views, scripts, shortcodes, PHP excerpts, and so on are translated as such, i.e. the corresponding entries in WordPress will contain exactly the same code. But, if you need it, we can also adapt them to work with WordPress!

Pages, Posts, and Stories can be migrated to WordPress
Take all discussions with you


What your users said is important, isn’t it? Take their discussions to WordPress!

All comments are cloned and added to the corresponding WordPress post/page, including the information about the comment author, status, and creation date. This way, your new WordPress site will have all the interesting discussions you had before, enriching the overall experience.

Do you currently use Disqus? Don’t worry! We can also import all Disqus comments to WordPress or, if you prefer to stick with Disqus, we can integrate them for you.

We Take Care of Internal Links

Our migration process ensures that there won’t be any broken internal links

All internal links (i.e. links to a relative path inside your server) to images, videos, and other media files could become broken during the migration if you stick to the standard WordPress folder structure (different from your current site).

We can make sure that all media files are properly moved to your new WordPress installation. We also validate that internal links work as expected and do not result in 404 errors.

Avoid broken links
Don't screw your SEO!


Benefit from a SEO-friendly migration process

WordPress offers limited possibilities to create the URL pattern for your site posts and this pattern will be applied to all of them without exception. To avoid damaging drastically the SEO of your site and losing all visitors trying to access your site using the old URLs, we take care of creating all required redirections. This way, all page/posts URLs of your existing site will be linked to the URLs in the new one.

Users and Roles

Leave no man behind

Import all users to your new WordPress site and keep their information: name, email, bio, home page, and so on. Depending on your current CMS (e.g. Drupal 6 but not Drupal 7) you can even keep the same password. Additional Drupal fields will be migrated as user metadata (wordpress table usermeta) if desired.

Depending on your specific needs, the additional feature of migrating users to a BuddyPress installation could be suggested to complement the user migration.

Migrate your Users and Roles to WordPress
Make WordPress do wherever you want!

Take WordPress to the Next Level

Migrate your Galleries, Polls, and Forums to WordPress smoothly

There are many functionalities that are not available in WordPress by default. However, it can be easily extended via its amazing plugin ecosystem. If you want to migrate Forums, Galleries, or Polls from your old website to WordPress, we will install and configure all the required plugins and migrate the data to the new formats. Easy, right?

Featured Images

Let’s make sure your entrie look beautiful

With WordPress, you may define a Featured Image for your posts. Featured Images may be used by your theme in different places, such as, for instance, the post index. Using Featured Images result in a beautiful and astonishing WordPress site! We can take care of all the details for you and migrate thumbnails as featured images!

Featured Images make your site look beautiful
Custom Types and Custom Fields can be migrated too

Custom Types and Custom Fields

Your website evolved step by step… don’t lose all those customizations!

Our migration process analyzes your database and extracts information about all your custom types and custom fields. Select those that are relevant for you and we’ll make sure they are properly migrated to WordPress.

Multi-Language Support

Your WordPress site can speak other languages too

WordPress does not directly support multi-language sites. We will help you decide which is the best option to have a multi-language WordPress installation and we’ll take care, as always, of everything for you. This way, your website will speak the language of your visitors!

Multi-Language Support
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