SQL file imported without errors but I don't see any new post in my WordPress site

Migrate to WordPress

If you have followed our instructions on how to import your SQL file and no errors were reported during the import process (typically you would see a green message saying for example: “X commands were successfuly executed”), but although so, when you refresh your WordPress site you do not see any new post/page/etc there, well, something went wrong during the process.

wp_custom_prefix Most likely this problem is due to one of the two following fixable reasons:

  • You imported the file in the wrong database. This can only happen if you are using the “from outside” option to import the file and you didn’t check which database was hosting your WordPress site. So please get back to the import SQL file instructions and repeat the process.
  • Your WordPress installation is not using the standard WordPress prefix (“wp_”) and you forgot to tell us your prefix (maybe you didn’t even know) so you end up with two sets of WordPress tables: the ones your WordPress site is actually using and the ones created during the import which are blissfully ignored (as in the image on the left, the “wp_” ones are the tables generated during the migration, the rest are the WordPress tables in use). In this case, you will need to drop the “wp_” tables and we will have to rerun the migration process to generate a new SQL file that matches your custom prefix.

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