Content Migration plus Initial Site Setup

Don't worry, we'll take care of all technical details

We migrate all your content plus we take care of the server-side aspects of the migration (e.g. import/export of content and media files to your WordPress server), and the initial configuration process, including the installation of a theme of your choice.

Ideal if you want a ready-to-go WordPress site without having to worry about server issues and your site does not require any special customization or you’re familiar enough with WP to take care of them yourself.

Are you ready?

Starting price and duration USD 1,900 — 1 week

How it Works

Migrate to WordPress

A migration is a simple 3-phase process. Do you need a more assisted migration process? It is also possible!

Phase 1 — Warm-up

You tell us what you need and what you plan to achieve

We analyze your site and give you back a detailed report

Together, we agree on the migration roadmap

First phase of a migration
Second phase of a migration

Phase 2 — Trial

We prepare a test migration in our servers or in your final WordPress installation

You validate the results. If needed, rinse and repeat

Together, we finalize the details for the real migration

Phase 3 — Finalization

You happily proceed with the payment

We generate the complete migration

Together, we verify everything works smoothly and close the migration

We will be happy if you write a great testimonial about your experience with our service!

Third phase of a migration

Migrate Your Site Today!

Pricing and Time to Completion

The starting price for a Content Migration plus Initial Site Setup is USD 1,900 with a typical duration of around one week.

The final price, schedule and time to completion of the service will be agreed as part of the initial migration roadmap.

Payment details are simple. Upon acceptance of the project you’ll receive an invoice for the 30% of the total amount, due before the start of the migration process. After this inital payment we will prepare the test migration for your validation. Once you finish the validation, you’ll receive an invoice for the other 70% of the total amount. In the next 24h after this second payment, the whole migrated data will be uploaded to your site.

All payments are made through FastSpring (a platform specialised in safe and secure internet sales, compliant with PCI and that employs Verisign SSL Certificates), which accepts Paypal and all major credit cards.

We also offer discounts to non-profit organizations (both NGOs and NPOs).


Please take the time to read the full description of the terms and conditions of the service available here.

Antonio VillegasContent Migration plus Initial Site Setup