Content Migration plus Initial Site Setup

Don't worry, we'll take care of all technical details

We migrate all your content plus we take care of the server-side aspects of the migration (e.g. import/export of content and media files to your WordPress server), and the initial configuration process, including the installation of a theme of your choice.

Ideal if you want a ready-to-go WordPress site without having to worry about server issues and your site does not require any special customization or you’re familiar enough with WP to take care of them yourself.

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Starting price and duration USD 1,500 — 2 weeks

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Pricing and Time to Completion

The starting price for a Content Migration plus Initial Site Setup is USD 1,500 with a typical starting duration of around 2 weeks.

The final price, schedule and time to completion of the service will be agreed as part of the initial migration roadmap.


Please take the time to read the full description of the terms and conditions of the service available here.

migratetowpContent Migration plus Initial Site Setup